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We appreciate your visit to our website and your interest in Kincsem. These terms & conditions set out the basis on which you can visit and use our website. This website is for your personal use only and is not to be used for any commercial purpose. Kincsem have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this site.

Updating of Terms and Conditions of Use and Code of Conduct

The website and its service is subject to regular updates, therefore Kincsem may update the Terms and Conditions of Use and the Code of Conduct at any time, without the Users being given prior notice. Offers regarding specific goods and services may be subject to specific terms and conditions, which will be published on the Site. In such a case the specific terms and conditions will prevail over the Terms and Conditions of Use, where there is a conflict.

Rights and Trademarks

Unless otherwise highlighted, all content on the site is protected by copyright and industrial property laws. This applies in particular to names, logos and emblems. Any unauthorized removal or re-use of material on the Site is prohibited, in the same way as any other activity that could harm the legitimate interests of the authors or owners of the copyrighted works.

The Site and its Content can only be used for personal, educational or instructional purposes, with the exclusion of any direct or indirect commercial purpose. The details of the owner of the intellectual property rights must always be mentioned and left intact, and the Content may not be modified in any way.

Site Content may include but is not limited to:

The text, software, graphics, trademarks, logos, domain names, photos, sound, musical, video and audiovisual content, the functions, technical documents, manuals and any other material that can be viewed or accessed through the Site including databases, graphics, tables, slogans, animations, drawings, and any other graphic or textual element.
No part of the Site Content may be copied and/or reproduced without the express authorization of Kincsem.

The trademarks, domain names, trade names, company names and signs on the Site are the sole property of Kincsem, and are registered and protected by laws and regulations on distinctive marks. They may not be reproduced in any form without the express authorization of Kincsem, and the "KINCSEM" mark may not be registered on any top level domain.

The pages of the Site may also contain marks, domain names, company names and signs owned by third parties with whom Kincsem has dealings, who enjoy the same level of legal protection as that of the distinctive marks of Kincsem.

The use of distinctive marks such as metatags and html commands is strictly prohibited, as although they do not allow the display or formatting of a certain command, they provide instructions to online agents or search engines to boost the search results of sites other than those linked to Kincsem.

Hypertext links to third party sites

The Site may include hypertext links to third party sites. Hypertext links have the sole purpose of facilitating the browsing experience without there being any relationship between the content of the Site and the third party site.

Kincsem accepts no responsibility for the functioning of the links, the content, structure, truthfulness, accuracy or adequacy of the materials or information found on third party sites, nor for the accessibility of third party sites linked to its own.

The User accepts that, by accessing a third party site via a hypertext link, at the time he leaves the Site and the Service the Terms and Conditions of Use shall no longer apply and the specific conditions of use issued by the third party site will apply instead.
In particular, the User is aware that access to third party messaging and social networking sites through hypertext links results in the application of the specific conditions of use applied by the owners of such sites.


Framing links, which allow a website page to appear on a specific page of another site while the content of that page appears inside a frame instead of a separate browser window, are prohibited.
The violation of this article will be subject to prosecution, also with regard to unfair competition, and is governed by the applicable laws.


All of the content on the site is provided for information purposes only. Kincsem gives no warranty as to its accuracy or completeness, and reserves the right to amend and update the content without prior notice. Kincsem will not be held liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage including loss of profits that may derive from the use or impossibility of using the site and its content, or from the use of sites connected directly or indirectly to it, or from errors or omissions.